CFS Style Functionality Information
CFS Style Floating Shaft Coupling
The CFS Form coupling includes two flex-rigid (CFR) couplings which has a shaft between them. Commonly the driver and driven ends are rigid when the two center hubs connected through the center shaft are flexible. These hubs could be reversed if needed with out sacrificing ease of set up or disassembly.
Ordering Details
Application: Driver and Driven.
Sort and dimension of coupling, horizontal, vertical and so forth.
Electrical power: Motor horspower or torque necessity.
Velocity: Motor RPM or Driven RPM.
Distance concerning shaft ends (BSE).
Shaft sizes.

CSPCR Form Spacer Couplings
The CSPCR Variety coupling consists of two flex hubs, two sleeves, 1 spacer, 1 accessory kit, two split seals and two lock rings.
Effortless elimination of hubs devoid of disturbing the mounting of linked units
Spacer teeth are rigid having a slight interference match together with the mating flex hub
Split seals over the spacer
Ordering Info
Application: Driver and Driven.
Type and dimension of coupling, horizontal, vertical etc.
Energy: Motor horspower or torque requirement.
Speed: Motor RPM or Driven RPM.
Distance among shaft ends (BSE).
Shaft sizes.