Distinctive Notes
1. The energy unit is of S3 duty, which might only be worked intermittently,i.e. 1minute on and 9 minutes off.
two. Clean all of the hydraulic elements concerned just before set up of the electrical power unit.
three. Viscosity with the hydraulic oil shoud be 15~46 cst, which ought to also be clean and cost-free of impurities, N46 hydraulic oil is advised .
4. Check the oil degree from the tank following the original operation of your power unit.
5. Oil shifting is needed right after the preliminary 100 operation hours, afterwards when just about every 3000 hours.

General Description
This power unit is deigned for those dock levellers which need floating ramps with an emergency prevent function. The ramp will rise when the pump is operating.The lip will expend automatically once the ramp cylinder finishes its stroke. The ramp cylinder will retract once the pump stops operating. An emergency halt will be realized even though the solenoid valve is energized. The reducing velocity of both the ramp as well as lip is adjusted from the needle valves from the program.

Basic Description
This Dock leveler energy unit only raised the ramp when the motor is activated, when the ramp has reached complete extension the sequence shifts to lengthen the lip. The ramp and lip are lowered by separate solenoid valves whilst the descent. Both the ramp and lip f of every functions are managed by a needle valve. The needle valves are adjustable to realize the preferred descent velocity of each function. The 2nd relief valve assures the primary platform for being floating underneath load when the dock leveler is getting used for loading and unloading the products, thus guarding the dock leveler proficiently.