The preceding section describes that by combining with different attachments, the DK Conveyor Chains is often utilised for virtually all general applications. This section describes the DK Specialty Conveyor Chains created based around the Standard Conveyor Chain. Specialty Conveyor Chains give improved type, dimension series and materials advantages that suit respective applications. They are able to be classified into three types: Specialized Application Conveyor Chain, Water Remedy Conveyor Chain, and 3D Bending Conveyor Chain.
Conveyor Chain with Attachments for Conveying Bulk Products
Constant Flow Conveyor Chain and Chain for Dust Conveyor
A chain with blades is operated in a powder to cause the powder to movement in the same path because the feeding direction from the chain. This is identified as a Continuous Movement Conveyor Chain. Precisely the same kind of chain can be used in a very similar way for discharging the dust generated by a variety of dust collectors. We manufacture 25 types of Regular Conveyor Chains with blades, two types of Block Chains with blades , respectively appropriate for your many properties of dusts and powders, and five chains with exclusive cast steel blades for conveying powders prone to lead to dress in. The respective chains are designated as follows:
We manufacture continuous flow conveyors and dust conveyors working with the over chains with blades as typical equipment. Consult us for even more information.
(a) Steady Movement Conveyor Chain
Constant Movement Conveyor Chains are applied for our normal steady movement conveyors. Based on the conveyed topics, the following three varieties of attachments can be found. The basic chain may be either a Common Conveyor Chain or possibly a Robust H-type Conveyor Chain.
(b) Chains for Dust Conveyor
This chain is made use of for conveyors exclusively for carrying dust. Depending on the application, the next three varieties can be found:
1) Roller S Conveyor Chain for minimal density powder with Attachment B or B1 for U and LU Form Dust Conveyors
two) Roller M Conveyor Chain for medium density powder with Attachment KL or KUL for DU, DU-S, LDU and LDU-S Sort Dust Conveyors
three) Block Chain for highly abrasive powder with KL or KUL attachments for DUB, DUB-S LDUB and LDUB-S Type Dust Conveyors